LEV Engineering Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that are automatically saved to your computer or mobile device by most websites when you browse them. They save useful information that helps us to improve your online experience.

1st party cookies are designed to ensure all the website’s features will function correctly, and provide the website owner with anonymous information about how you use their website so they can make improvements to the user experience.

3rd party cookies are mainly associated to advertising. Advertisers typically use this kind of cookie to track which websites you have visited and show you targeted adverts that are more relevant to the user.

How we use Cookies

Our website ONLY uses 1st party cookies to provide dynamic functionality and find out how people are using our website.

Our cookies will NOT save any personal information, this data is completely anonymous and cannot be linked to one individual. This information is used to make improvements to our website and make your experience better over time. We do not use any other type of cookie.

Here is what we don’t do:
  • Remember or store any personally identifiable information
  • Send information to third party websites
  • Save your visit so advertising on other websites are tailored to you


Controlling Cookies

Hopefully we have put your mind at rest and you have discovered that cookies are very useful. Most browsers by default are set to download cookies automatically, so if you are happy with the information you have read, just continue as normal.

However if you are concerned about 3rd party cookies, then the majority of browsers allow you to control what type of cookies can be saved to your computer. You can even disable cookies altogether if you so wish, however blocking 1st party cookies will have a heavy impact on dynamic website functionality such as shopping carts etc.

To change how your browser downloads cookies in the future including blocking 3rd part cookies, follow these instructions on how to change cookie settings. To delete existing cookies, follow these instructions on how to remove cookies.