Evaporative Cooling Solutions

Evaporative Cooling Solution

Whether you’re operating in commercial or industrial environments, large or small facilities, LEV Engineering’s Evaporative Cooling Solutions has a solution for every space. Our range of evaporative coolers delivers only 100% fresh air, at much lower costs than refrigerated cooling methods. Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the only viable option for cooling such large areas.

An Eco-Cooling system uses up to 90% less energy and runs at less than 10% in comparison to refrigerated air con. Doors and windows can be left open, with absolutely no loss of cooling efficiency. If you need to cool small areas within a large space, then evaporative cooling gives you the only effective option which is spot cooling. With spot cooling, an envelope of cool, high-velocity air can be directed to a specific area, irrespective of the surrounding conditioning. The evaporation process removes heat and produces a large continuous stream of comfortably cool, clean, fresh air. Contact Us for more information.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Evaporative Cooling Solutions Service?

In the realm of cooling solutions, LEV Engineering’s extensive range of evaporative wet-air coolers offers a transformative approach. Regardless of whether you operate within commercial or industrial environments, manage large or compact facilities, our innovative evaporative coolers will meet your every need.

Pure, Fresh Air: Our evaporative coolers are designed to deliver 100% fresh air. This means you’re not just cooling your space; you’re filling it with revitalising, untainted air that enhances the well-being of your occupants.

Cost-Efficiency: When it comes to cost, our evaporative cooling outshines traditional refrigerated methods. Operating an Eco-Cooling system consumes up to 90% less energy and runs at less than 10% of the cost of conventional air conditioning. This significant reduction in operational expenses is music to the ears of budget-conscious businesses.

Open Air Comfort: With evaporative cooling, you can keep doors and windows open without compromising on cooling efficiency. This not only fosters a more natural and pleasant indoor-outdoor atmosphere but also reduces the need for sealed environments, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

Spot Cooling Precision: Sometimes, you need to cool specific areas within a larger space. Evaporative cooling excels in this regard with spot cooling, creating a localised envelope of cool, high-velocity air regardless of the surrounding conditions. It’s the only effective way to ensure that every corner of your space remains comfortable.

Heat Removal and Fresh Air Production: Evaporation is at the heart of our cooling process. As hot air passes through our systems, heat is removed, and a continuous stream of refreshingly cool, clean air is produced. It’s a dynamic cycle that keeps your space comfortable and inviting.

In an era where energy efficiency and environmental responsibility are paramount, our evaporative wet-air coolers are a breath of fresh air, quite literally. They offer a sustainable, cost-effective, and precision cooling solution for spaces of all sizes. With LEV Engineering, you’re not just getting expert evaporative cooling solutions, you’re embracing a better way to cool, breathe, and thrive.