Diluter System

The Diluter system is a stand alone general filtration system, developed to reduce and control the background concentration of welding fumes in a workshop.

Source extraction and hoods are not always feasible, for example, when metalwork pieces are too large to be covered by arms, as in shipbuilding and transportation, or when welders are constantly changing positions. The SCS-Diluter is Plymovent’s general filtration system that controls welding fumes in large facilities. In large workshops with a variety of welding processes, activities changing frequently, crane transportation and locations where ductwork is difficult to install, this solution can be used. Reduced concentrations of fumes lead to a healthier working environment!

In some cases, source extraction and hoods are not an option, for example, if metalwork pieces are too big to be covered by extraction arms, as in the ship-building and transport industry, or if welders constantly move in between positions. Plymovent has therefore developed a general filtration system that can control welding fumes in large facilities: the SCS-Diluter.

This solution can be used in large workshops with various welding processes, changing activities, crane transportation and locations where ductwork is difficult to install. The result: reducing the concentration of fumes to lower levels, giving a cleaner working environment!

Flexible solution

Installing the Diluter system is easy as you do not need any ductwork. It does not only save ductwork costs, it is also a very flexible solution for facilities with many welding processes, changing locations constantly.

Minor investment maximum result

The Diluter system consists of three main components: the SCS-filter unit, a fan and the Diluter itself. The Diluter is an air circulation unit with six multidirectional outlet nozzles. The unit re-circulates the cleaned air into the workshop by means of the outlet nozzles.

The nozzles can be rotated to optimise air distribution. The airflows from the nozzles can be controlled individually making the system unique. Positioning the nozzles directly towards the welding fume layer gives the best result (usually between four and six meters). The main benefit is the relatively small investment for controlling welding fumes in your plant.

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