• Integrated filter
  • Large filter surface and long filter lifespan
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Three-way spark arrester


Sparks are prevented from reaching the filter cartridges by the integrated spark arrester. To ensure a safe working environment, a spark arrester is placed beneath the downdraft table’s working surface. Upkeep is done at the front of the downdraft table. The filters can be easily replaced and the dustbin can be easily emptied. A total of 52 m2 of filter surface is provided by two oval filter cartridges. As a result of the large filter surface of the filter cartridges, the life of the filter is prolonged. As a result, less maintenance is required and all-overall costs are reduced.

Workbench DraftMax Basic is recommended for welding and grinding activities of medium to low intensity. As a result of the large filter surface, the filter’s efficiency is high and its operating costs are low. A self-cleaning filter system is built into DraftMax Ultra work benches. This system maintains filter efficiency at a constant level. It is necessary to clean the filter cartridges sequentially and manually. An intensive use of this unit is recommended. Additionally, the cleaning process begins automatically once the fan has been turned off. The unit also comes with an automatic start/stop feature, making it even easier to use.

DraftMax Safety

The integrated spark arrester prevents sparks from reaching the filter cartridges. The spark arrester is placed underneath the working surface of the downdraft table to ensure a safe workplace.


Maintenance can be carried out from the front of the downdraft table. This makes it easy to replace filters and to empty the dustbin. Filtration takes place through two oval filter cartridges with a total filter surface of 52 m2. The filter cartridges cover a large filter surface, resulting in a long filter lifespan. This means even less maintenance and reduces all-over operational costs.


DraftMax Basic Product Data Sheet Brochure