Due to its compact design the MDB-COMPACT is the ideal choice for applications where a filter is needed near to the source of pollution.

The MDB-COMPACT is a compact and preassembled version of Plymovent’s proven and unbeatable MultiDust Bank technology. With a wide selection of filter media, the MDB-COMPACT can be used to filter almost any type of airborne dust pollutant*. The MDB-COMPACT’s compact design makes it an ideal choice for applications where a filter is needed close to the source of pollution. Dry dust and welding fume mechanical filter. Usually used for maintenance or light duty applications.

Metalworking industry

Plymovent is renowned for its expertise in capturing and filtering fumes from metal welding and cutting. In this industry, the MDB-COMPACT is the filter of choice for automated production processes that need a small dedicated filter like (laser) welding, and cutting. Whether the fumes are dry or oily** the MDB-COMPACT can do the job.

SilentFlowTM duct free silencer

The MDB-COMPACT has an integrated fan placed in a SilentFlowTM sound absorbing box. SilentFlowTM reduces both the mechanical and airflow noise of the fan. An acceptable noise level without additional ducting*** at the exhaust side of the filter makes the overall installation more compact and easier to install.

Ram-AirTM low operational costs

A Ram-AirTM pulse amplifier is placed in each filter cartridge and disperses the pulse energy directly to the filter medium. The results are significant: cleaner filters, lower pressure drop, less compressed air and energy consumption. Ram-AirTM means low operational costs.


  • Pre-assembled compact design with integrated fan
  • Front panel cartridge changing
  • Easy to empty dust drawer
  • SilentFlowTM duct free noise reduction for compact installation
  • Ram-AirTM pulse amplifier provides better cleaning for longer filter cartridge life and lower pressure loss


MDB-COMPACT data sheet download