The MDB is a modular cartridge collector, making it possible to tailor the filter system to the requirements of your industrial application. Made for heavy applications usage.

With MultiDust® Bank filters, you can tailor the filter to fit the needs of your application today and expand it as your business grows. Furthermore, each module provides efficient and effective performance, resulting in a compact solution. Featuring the latest filter technology and technical features, this filter system is easy to operate and maintain. As a modular cartridge collector, the MDB can be tailored to meet your industrial application’s needs. It is built for heavy duty usage.

Modular design

The modular MultiDust® Bank allows for any size solution, fitting your requirements and give optimum cost efficiency. Moreover it is flexible to expand as your business and your workload grow.

Low cost of ownership

The Ram-Air cleaning system ensures a clean filter. Inside every filter cartridge a Ram-Air pulse disperses the compressed air for cleaning, releasing any dust collected on the surface of the filter cartridge. This gives longer filter life and less expensive compressed air usage, all resulting in low cost of ownership.

Efficient filtration

The high filtration efficiency can allow re-circulation of cleaned air as well as energy savings through heat recovery. The unique MultiFlow air shield disperses incoming air evenly, resulting in equal air flow throughout multiple modules.

Plug & Play version available

The MultiDust® Bank is also available in a plug & play version, the MDB-4F. This self-cleaning filter unit has an integrated extraction fan. It contains a frequency inverter and four self-cleaning polyester filter cartridges. The pressure controlled automatic cleaning system ensures that the particulate matter drops into a collection container at the bottom of the unit.


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