• Ideal for medium-sized workplaces
  • Hood positioning of 110 degrees in any direction
  • Reach 2.0 m-4.0 m

This is a flexible extraction arm for fumes, gases, and oil mist. KUA is unique in its combination of smooth aluminum tubing on the inner and outer arms, joined in the middle by a unique joint. Manoeuvring this arm is a simple, one-movement operation thanks to the external, easily adjustable elbow joint, as well as the spring assisted joint supported by double ball bearings.

KUA is the extraction arm of choice and comes in various models. It is a flexible extraction arm for fume, gases and oil mist contaminants. Unique to the KUA is the combination of inner and outer arms of smooth aluminium tubing connected by our unique middle joint. The external easy-to-adjust elbow joint, together with the spring assisted joint supported in double ball bearing, make manoeuvring this arm a simple, one movement operation. Position the arm exactly where you need it, when you need it.


  • Universal mounting bracket with ball-bearing and friction pad allows for 360 degree rotation, ease of maneuvering and ensures maximum life-span
  • Support mechanism ensures stability, smooth operation and minimum restriction
  • 360 degree ring handle allows for ease to reach and access from any position
  • Smooth aluminium tubing allows maximum airflow and reduces the overall weight and noise level
  • Available in an ATEX version



Recommended For:

  • Maintenance and production welding
  • Workbench applications


KUA Product Data Sheet Brochure