• Higher air volume and longer reach than MM-75. The high performance solution for dust and fume applications
  • Clear-thru, totally free from internal mechanisms
  • Reach of 1.5 m-2.1 m

There is no internal mechanismsis in the MiniMan-100. This 100 mm diameter arm is ideal for operations that generate heavy dust, such as grinding and polishing. Uninterrupted airflow results in maximum extraction efficiency and the lowest pressure drop possible. A favorite for professionals, the MiniMan-100 mm has a wide range of design benefits and boasts quality that lasts.

The MiniMan-100 is totally free from internal mechanismsis. Grinding, polishing and other types of operations generating heavy dust are ideal for this 100 mm diameter arm. The un-interrupted airflow means maximum extraction efficiency and lowest possible pressure drop. When considering the range of design benefits and quality that lasts, the MiniMan-100 mm is a favourite choice for the professionals.


  • Clear-thru design allows for maximum air velocity, low pressure drop, low noise level and low energy cost
  • Reach above mounting height offers maximum reach
  • Supplied fully assembled saves installation time
  • Exterior joints allows for ease of adjustment, smooth operation and ease of service
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Available in white and stainless steel to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industry
  • Available in an ATEX version


Recommended For:

  • Spot welding
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Laboratory applications
  • Mist collection


MiniMan 100 Product Data Sheet